Norglass Paints and Specialty Finishes

How To...

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Surface information guides

Aluminium 0.30MB
Ferro Cement 0.07MB
Fibreglass 0.10MB
Steel 0.16MB
Timber 0.10MB

General information guides

Estimating paint quantities 0.10MB
Paint stripping using Orange-Peel 0.06MB
Refurbishing fibreglass shower floors 0.17MB
Reinforcing process - Norsystem - Fibreglass and composites 0.22MB
Repairing Rotted Timber Window Sills 0.06MB
Rotting Timber Flooring in Aluminium Boats 0.11MB
Staining timbers prior to clear coating 0.18MB
Stopping The Rot In Timber 0.10MB
Surface preparation for paths and driveways (prior to painting) 0.12MB
The 'Good Oil' On Clear Coatings 0.26MB
Through Thick and Thin with Paint Solvents 0.07MB
Treating Galvanised Surfaces 0.16MB
Understanding Anti-Fouling 0.25MB
Using Liquid Glass Epoxy Filler 0.13MB

Choosing the right Norglass product

Catalogue 3.17MB

Please be advised, actual colour may vary from a printed version, depending on the quality of your printer. Colour cards are available in store, and Norglass actual colours are sprayed onto the lids of our cans.