Finish coats

Durable and flexible finish coats for interior and exterior protection. Enhances the appearance of all surfaces. Available in a variety of colours as well as Gloss and Satin.


Northane Gloss

Superior long-lasting coat suitable for most surfaces. Excellent chemical, waterproofing and weathering properties.


Slip Resistant Paving Paint

A fast drying, low sheen polyurethane finish that provides traction, cushioning and durability.


Smooth Paving Paint

A fast drying, hard wearing finish for concrete and other surfaces.


Topflight Anti-Fouling [deleted line]

A premium long-life copper coating designed to prevent the attachment of marine growth.


Weatherfast Deck Paint

A unique slip resistant coating incorporating plastic granules to provide a uniform paint film for traction when wet.


Weatherfast Heat-Safe

A heat-resistant self priming paint that is suitable for areas that are subjected to heat.


Weatherfast Premium Enamel Gloss

A balanced blend of premium raw materials to produce the highest quality marine grade enamel.


Weatherfast Premium Enamel Satin

A durable interior–exterior modified polyurethane. Ideal for vessels where reflected light is not desirable.

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