DIY skills The reinforcing process using Norsystem

Dynel has been used for sheathing timber boats in Australia for more than 5 decades, with total success. The reason for this is quite simple. Unlike glass fibre, Dynel is a soft absorbent fibre, similar in appearance to wool. It absorbs epoxy resin, just like a sponge soaks up water. 

When used with Norglass Norsystem epoxies, it has a comparable flexural rate to that of timber. This swollen mass has a bonded strength marginally greater than the shear strength of the timber itself.

This perfect adhesion creates a sound and positive base for all paint systems. The Dynel reinforces the Epoxy Resin, and the resin provides the waterproofing. As a bonus, this swollen mass also substantially and totally increases the abrasion resistance of the paint system, and protects the timber from exposure.

To sum up, Dynel and Norglass Norsystem Epoxy Resin is a permanent, waterproof, flexible membrane, with positive adhesion, making it the premium base primer for external timbers. Excluding hull damage, further maintenance will be restricted to undercoats and finish coats for the life of the craft or surface. 

The completed membrane system is 2½ times more abrasion resistant than fiberglass.

Download our Dynel and epoxy reinforcing guide to learn how to prepare and apply.

Reinforcing process: Norsystem – fibreglass and composites Download

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