Surface information guides How to prepare and paint timber

Due to the vast variety of timbers available and methods of treatment there is no simple universal coating system for this substrate.  Grain densities, oil/sap/resin absorption values and so on will all play a part in dictating what type of treatment is best.

The selection of a protective system is also compounded by the elements the timber is subjected to.  A cool damp environment can be equally as destructive on a paint system as a hot dry location in outback Australia – but for different reasons.

With modern changes in technology, came improvements to adhesive compounds (glues) and equipment to prepare timber better.  The results were plywood, particle board, MDF, copper impregnated pine, and scores of other processes, all designed with different strengths, textures and characteristics.

Learn about

  • Sealing timber
  • Priming and undercoating
  • Self levelling
  • Finish coats
  • Planks and plywood on timber boats
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