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Norseal Wood Treatment

Norseal Wood Treatment

A water clear epoxy solution designed to penetrate, seal and waterproof particle boards and timbers. Recommended to be overcoated...

Norshield Anti-Corrosive Primer

Norshield Anti-Corrosive Primer

A dense red oxide, 2 pack epoxy primer for metal surfaces. Contains leafing pigments for excellent anti-corrosive performance. Can...

Norsystem Boat Epoxy Resin

Norsystem Boat Epoxy Resin

A clear tough, boat epoxy with easy sanding properties when extended with Norglass fillers. Non shrinking.

NoRust All Surface Primer

NoRust All Surface Primer

A very fast drying primer with excellent corrosion inhibiting pigment for ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Because of its outstanding...

Polyester Resin

Polyester Resin

General purpose waxed fibreglassing finish. Ideal for waterproofing shower bases, roof guttering, boat and caravan repairs. Requires Norglass Polyester...

Shipshape Primer-Undercoat

Shipshape Primer-Undercoat

The ultimate high-build performance coating to obliterate background irregularities and provide filling properties prior to coating with single or...

Weatherfast PRi-COAT

Weatherfast PRi-COAT

A heavy-bodied off-white general purpose primer and combined undercoat with fast drying and the easiest of sanding properties. The...