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Northane Gloss

Northane Gloss

The premium two-pack aliphatic linear polyurethane for durability and fade resistance. Excellent chemical, waterproofing and weathering properties. Ideal for...

Slip Resistant Paving Paint

Slip Resistant Paving Paint

A fast drying low sheen finish that provides traction, cushioning and durability. Plastic granules provide a uniform texture to reduce overall wear. Easily recoated and accepts light domestic traffic after 8 hours. Commercial usage after 48 hours.

Topflight Anti-Fouling

Topflight Anti-Fouling

A premium longlife copper coating designed to prevent the attachment of marine growth. Provides maximum results for moored vessels as well as those exceeding 10 knots. Can be repeatedly scrubbed or wet sanded for a racing finish. May be left out of the water for up to 4 weeks without impairing performance.

Weatherfast Deck Paint

Weatherfast Deck Paint

A unique slip resistant coating incorporating plastic granules to provide a uniform paint film for traction when wet. The...

Weatherfast Gloss Acrylic

Weatherfast Gloss Acrylic

A high quality gloss acrylic paint suitable for interior or exterior use.

Weatherfast Heat-Safe

Weatherfast Heat-Safe

A heat-resistant self priming paint that is suitable for areas that are subjected to heat.

Weatherfast Premium Enamel Gloss

Weatherfast Premium Enamel Gloss

A balanced blend of premium raw materials to produce the highest quality marine grade enamel. For use on prepared...

Weatherfast Premium Enamel Satin

Weatherfast Premium Enamel Satin

A durable interior – exterior modified polyurethane. Ideal for vessels where reflected light is not desirable.