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Glue Promoter

Glue Promoter

A blended lightweight extender for Norglass epoxies. Add 60g to 750mls of Norsystem resin base then add 250 mls...

Liquid Glass

Liquid Glass

A water clear pour-on glass finish for bars, table tops and decoupage applications. Gives that ‘liquid glass look’. Excellent...

Liquid Glass Colourant

Liquid Glass Colourant

An additive to change the colour of liquid glass.

Liquid Glass Metallics

Liquid Glass Metallics

Metallic powders that can be added to liquid glass for design effects.



A fine-textured powder for extending Norglass resins to a trowelable slurry. Perfect for a car bog/filler. Economical to use....



A blended lightweight extender for Norglass epoxies, for filling and fairing surfaces.

Norfill Epoxy Filler

Norfill Epoxy Filler

A paste-like white, waterproof filler that can be sanded and left as a finish, or painted over. Norfill has...

Norflex Epoxy Filler

Norflex Epoxy Filler

A lighter more flexible version of Norfill for large areas of cosmetic filling where movement and flexing are important....

Polyester Catalyst

Polyester Catalyst

Reactive agent used to promote the setting (curing) of all Norglass polyester based products.

Staybond Epoxy Glue

Staybond Epoxy Glue

Easy to use 2 pack glue. Solventless and non staining with exceptional strength. Bonds to most prepared surfaces. Timber,...