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A fast-evaporating, economical cleaning solvent for Norglass Polyester Resins, Gelcoat and Flowcoat. NOT to be used as a...

Epoxy Thinner

Epoxy Thinner

A slow-evaporating solvent for thinning and cleaning up after using Norglass Epoxy products.

Metal-Etch Gel

Metal-Etch Gel

A specifically designed metal conditioner for pre-treating bare aluminium, galvanised iron and non ferrous alloys such as brass, copper...

Microshield Traditional Marine Varnish

Microshield Traditional Marine Varnish

A clear, low odour, high gloss urethane/alkyd blend with high levels of state of the art inhibitors and stabilizers...

Northane Brushing Thinners

Northane Brushing Thinners

Retarder-thinner for Northane, to slow the drying rate and improve brushability.

Northane Clear Gloss

Northane Clear Gloss

A two-pack, non-yellowing polyurethane with outstanding chemical and abrasion resistance. Ideal for coating clear corrugated roof panels to seal...

Northane Spraying Thinners

Northane Spraying Thinners

A formulated blend of solvents specifically designed for use with Norglass Northane and Shipshape Primer-Undercoat. Can also be used...

Weatherfast Brushing Thinners

Weatherfast Brushing Thinners

Retarder-thinner for Weatherfast products to slow the drying rate and to improve brushability. Also used as a clean-up solvent...

Weatherfast Poly Clear

Weatherfast Poly Clear

A tough abrasion resistant gloss coating with high levels of U.V inhibitors for interior and exterior use. Ideal for...

Weatherfast Premium Timber Oil

Weatherfast Premium Timber Oil

A modified synthetic resin coating for feeding the timber where a natural grain appearance is desired. Contains U/V inhibitors...

Weatherfast Spraying Thinners

Weatherfast Spraying Thinners

A blended thinner formulated for use with Weatherfast Enamel, Microshield, Weatherfast Poly Clear (gloss or satin), No Rust Primer,...