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Laminating Polyester Resin

Laminating Polyester Resin

General purpose waxed fibreglassing finish. Ideal for waterproofing shower bases, roof guttering, boat and caravan repairs. Requires Norglass Polyester...

Liquid Glass

Liquid Glass

A water clear pour-on glass finish for bars, table tops and decoupage applications. Gives that ‘liquid glass look’. Excellent...

Norseal Wood Treatment

Norseal Wood Treatment

A water clear epoxy solution designed to penetrate, seal and waterproof particle boards and timbers. Recommended to be overcoated...

Norshield Anti-Corrosive Primer

Norshield Anti-Corrosive Primer

A dense red oxide, 2 pack epoxy primer for metal surfaces. Contains leafing pigments for excellent anti-corrosive performance. Can...

Norsystem Boat Epoxy Resin

Norsystem Boat Epoxy Resin

A clear tough, boat epoxy with easy sanding properties when extended with Norglass fillers. Non shrinking.

NoRust All Surface Primer

NoRust All Surface Primer

A very fast drying primer with excellent corrosion inhibiting pigment for ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Because of its outstanding...

Shipshape Primer-Undercoat

Shipshape Primer-Undercoat

The ultimate high-build performance coating to obliterate background irregularities and provide filling properties prior to coating with single or...

Weatherfast PRi-COAT

Weatherfast PRi-COAT

A heavy-bodied off-white general purpose primer and combined undercoat with fast drying and the easiest of sanding properties. The...